Sales Director-Cylindrical


 Job Title


Sales Director-Cylindrical




Cylindrical Sales Dept.


Working Base






Head of Cylindrical Sales




Senior Sales Manager, Sales Manager


Job Objective


Manage the Cylindrical sales Team


Job Description

Team Management & People Management:

1. To establish a competent sales team, ensure the efficiency of the team;

2. Assist Supervisor to identify development needs of the sales team and implement related action plan to develop the team;

3. Be responsible for training and coaching of sales force;

4. Deploy sales force to fully support sales and ensure that all projects are processed smoothly and successfully;


Sales Management:

5. Ensure that all activities of responsible brand adhere to the company policies, guidelines, sales procedures and to accomplish sales targets;

6. Manage the East sales team and organize the coordination between customer and responsible product company to provide best application solutions and problem solving;

7. Be responsible for daily operation of Key accounts management and ensure the effectiveness;

8. Be responsible for annual sales expense forecast and budget control;

9. Update with sales new application solutions and new product information in order to keep customers updated with our products;


Marketing Transparency:

10. Assist Supervisor to identify and research application direction / trends of target market & target industry; Help Supervisor to implement action plans to satisfy future application market needs;

11. Contact with target industry technology associations and other technical related organizations and provide latest information to Supervisor;

12. Assist Supervisor to research of related government policy related technical and implement communication plans.



1. Fluent English both spoken and written;

2. At least 3 years experience in management of sales Team

3. Expert sales with in-depth technology know-how;

4. At least 6 years related technical experience in metal working field;

5. Good presentation skill;

6. Familiar with office software.



1. Good internal and external communication ability;

2. Be full of responsibility;

3. Good leadership and proven experience of team management;

4. Strong at logical thinking and strict analytical thinking;

5. Capability of project handling;

6. Must be able to work in a fast-paced and high-pressure environment.




1. Follow standard behaviour rules with Department;

2. UGC Employee Handbook;

3. Bachelor degree or above, mechanical or equivalent major;

4. Hand-on” relative skills with proven track record;

5. A multinational working experience is preferred.

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