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Together to future with agents

July 31-Aug 1, United Grinding had the mid-year meeting with RCAs at seaside Ningbo in Zhejiang. During this meeting, United Grinding reviewed the first half of 2018’s marketing and UGC’s performance and discussed for the machine tool market and prospects, shared the latest training from CYL application department. There are 16 attendees from 14 RCAs attend this meeting.

Compared to 2017, United Grinding Group’s business growed up steadily during the first half of 2018. It takes around 23% of the market share in grinding machine market for the first quarter. All these archievement could not be done without the endeavor from our RCA pals.  

 At the workshop, The head of Tool Sales Mr.Chen Jiang shared the information for the competitor from Tool grinding. they thought good customer experience is very important to make the competitor disappear. The GM Mr.Wang Wei from Shenzhen Legend also agree for this.In the meantime,they also have the prospects for Walter machine,wish Walter could develop more professional software and make it modularized.Based on different application,the hardware also could be modularized,achieve man-machine dialogue,easy to operate.The head of S&P sales Mr.Zhang Chunyu and agent parters talked about the market information collection from upstream and downstream market,put forward the opionions about the grinding process、market information for import and export machine、consumbles and military industry.Although the assemble for the Orbit has been stop,but the members also bring up some valuable advice for Improving competitiveness for Orbit.The Head of CYL sales Mr.Andy Ma and Agent partners shared relative market industry information for current CYL grinding market.

 Besides sharing the entire grinding industry trends,we also held the latest technology training for internal grinding machine from Studer.

There are only two years away from the great aspiration China 2020 , wish UGC could reach the market share of 25% in China by the end of 2020. This aspiration not only need UGC’s efforts but also need the support and cooperation from agents. Hope we could achieve this great goal hand in hand with out agents in the near future.

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Together to future with agents  
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