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WALTER HELITRONIC G 200 first delivered to the market

On May 25, 2020, UNITED GRINDING (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. celebrated the first official delivery of the WALTER HELITRONIC G 200 to the market with a small event at its Anting site in Shanghai. On the ceremony, Erwin Geissler, General Manager of Molding Machinery, and Wolfgang Liebmann, Sales Director of WALTER Overseas market, delivered speeches for the first machine.


Turning back 19 months, at the end of October 2018, WALTER launched the world premiere of this new machine in Changzhou, China, which is under cooperation of the Sino-German technical team. It has been developed specifically for the Chinese market, with a small footprint and high cost/performance ratio; while at the same time its quality is fully follow WALTER standards, filling the gap in the WALTER product portfolio in terms of economical and practical models. It is also the first time in the history of UNITED GRINDING that a new model for the Chinese market has been developed by a German and Chinese team. After the launch in Changzhou, we put several machines in the local market for testing and received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. In response to their feedback, we have fine-tuned the functionality of the HELITRONIC G 200 so that it can better meet the needs of our customers.


Mr. Erwin Geissler, General Manager of UNITED GRINIDNG China, said at the beginning of the ceremony that the first experience is always a wonderful and unforgettable one, today we are here to deliver the first HELITRONIC G 200 to our esteemed customer, Dongguan Defang Precision Machinery Co. Ltd. The first time also means it's an opening. In his speech, Wolfgang Liebmann, WALTER's Sales Director for Overseas Markets, said that UNITED GRINDING launched the "China 2020" project in 2013 with the aim of making China the third largest local market for the UNITED GRINDING Group, in addition to Switzerland and Germany, and to launch products for the Chinese market. Both the HELITRONIC ESSENTIAL AUTOMATION, launched in 2015, and the HELITRONIC G 200, launched in 2018, have been well received in the market. We are proud of this moment and of our entire team, WALTER brand and management, especially himself, wish HELITRONIC G 200 a bright future and great success for Dongguan Defang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.


Mr. Yang Tongjun, Director of Guangdong DaChuan Machinery Co., Ltd. who facilitated the cooperation, thanked WALTER and UNITED GRINDING China for their strong support and wished UNITED GRINIDNG China to deliver more G 200 machines to the market soon.

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