Digitalization as the path to a more successful future

Digitalization – Vision and Goals

The future of industrial production is connected; machine connectivity is the magic phrase: Machines communicate with each other, exchange data, and even manage and regulate one another. Processes become more efficient and productivity increases. 

The prerequisite for this is connectivity – in other words: networking. What's needed is networking between humans and machines, for example via intelligent HMIs (Human/Machine Interfaces) and also networking between machines. This is also referred to as Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

« Digitalization secures the path to the future – and your competitiveness for tomorrow »

Under the umbrella of digitization, we are continuously developing new products and solutions for the four key fields of CONNECTIVITY, USABILITY, MONITORING and PRODUCTIVITY. On the one hand, these create the basis for networking in your production. On the other, they also allow you to harness greater potential through digitalization. Our goal is to make your working life easier, increase your productivity, and ultimately make you even more successful with our digital solutions.


Building blocks of digitalization


C.O.R.E. helps us make your production fit for the digital future. Networking in production, data exchange between machines and, starting now, the use of IoT and data applications as well, are all a reality with C.O.R.E. 

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Digital Readiness

Our digital solutions fundamentally work on all our machines – and third-party machines too.

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Digital Solutions

Under UNITED GRINDING Digital Solutions™, we develop digital assistance systems that support you in your daily work.

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Digital Interfaces

The fundamentals of digitization, networking and data exchange, are only possible with a uniform language and corresponding interfaces.

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As experienced machine tool builders, we understand your challenges. That's why we develop solutions that boost your success.

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« Digitalization means actively shaping the future »