Our suppliers are at the center of our activities. We want to shape the future of the UNITED GRINDING Group together. Every day, worldwide.

The UNITED GRINDING Group is an international machine manufacturer with more than 20 production, service and sales locations and agencies throughout the world. This requires a value and supply chain with an international focus and a global purchasing network, which are essential to the success of both our company and our customers.

At UNITED GRINDING, the purchasing organization is integrated into all process steps and purchasing processes from development and identification of demand through to procurement. Globally networked purchasers are responsible for the targeted selection of suppliers and rigorous project management.

Our purchasing philosophy is shaped by our overarching corporate philosophy, which we call PuLs® (Precision and Passion). At the heart of this philosophy is the sustainable use of all resources and the avoidance of waste. The dictionary defines the term 'waste' as "inefficient use of resources such as money and time, as well as human effort and creativity." All of these elements are of vital importance for our company. Our aim is therefore to avoid waste and to implement efficiency and sustainability for the benefit of our customers.

Sustainable action in relation to people and the environment is not only important within our Group, but is also obligatory for our supply chain. In this regard we are committed to the United Nations Global Compact.

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Conditions of purchase