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STUDER S41 / CVT gear shaft precision grinding solution honored for AI User’s Recommended


AI Automobile Industry from Germany Vogel industrial Media, held the award ceremony for AI User’s recommended in Beijing on June 27, 2018.Totally 38 automobile equipment and solutions are rewarded.

AI User’s recommended Award is held every two years. This year’s selection was started on March 1 and ended on June 20. During the selection, AI Automobile Industry took progressiveness, practicability, reliability, high-quality, high-efficiency, cost performance, flexibility and intellectualization as the main evaluation index, considering admission audit, voting online, research among users, editor’s choice. Especially based on the research result among users, at last they selected automobile equipment and solutions which most popular among users from automobile and auto parts industry.  

 As Ms. Gong Shujuan, the executive editor of AI automobile industry, mentioned in her speech: As one of the brand media for China Automobile industry, AI automobile industry is always the bridge between readers from automobile & auto parts industry and the suppliers from advanced technology and equipment. AI User’s recommended selection is also the based on the choice of readers and users from automobile & auto parts industry for technology advanced, application reliable, publicly praised technology, products and solutions. We hope the advanced technology could support the progress of the whole indutry’s process engineering and also offer the users in automobile industry for higher efficiency, higher quality and better cost performance.     

 This year, they totally had 38 automobile equipment and solutions win the awards of AI User’s recommended, STUDER S41 / CVT gear shaft precision grinding solution is also rewarded for the honor.

 STUDER S41 / CVT gear shaft precision grinding solution is the classic solution in Gear box – CVT industry. The machine is equipped with external grinding wheel, internal grinding wheel, translot grinding wheel and synchro tailstock, which could finish all the grinding processing in one clamp of CVT input and output shaft. This solution could meet the processing demand of high efficiency and high precision at the same time.

 Thanks to the one-clamp solution and on-process measuring system, the processing parts could be 100% qualified and no waste, which also show the high cost-performance of the machine. Combined with STUDER software MES system, the real-time monitor processing and parts follow-up tracing could be achieved. All the above advantages are perfectly match the user’s Industry 4.0 modernization manufacturing demands.

 When we look over China Automobile industry, many enterprises in automobile / auto-parts are marching from weak to strong, common to outstanding in the global developments. UNITED GRINDING would like to march together with automobile industry accompanied with new energy vehicle and intelligent network vehicle toward Industry 4.0. 

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