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  4. Efficient production, manufacturing upgrading: United Grinding Group won 2021 Ringier Technological Innovation Award

Efficient production, manufacturing upgrading: United Grinding Group won 2021 Ringier Technological Innovation Award

On June 24, the "2021 Summit on the Development of Efficient Processing and Advanced Manufacturing Technology", jointly sponsored by Shanghai Society of Mechanical Engineering and Ringier Industrial Media, was successfully held in the the Longemont Shanghai hotel. Focusing on the theme of "efficient production, manufacturing upgrading", the conference attracted more than 300 enterprises from aviation, automobile, mould, shipbuilding, automation and other industries. At the same time, the award ceremony of "2021 metalworking industry Ringier Technological Innovation Award" was also held. At the summit, representatives from all walks of life made wonderful speeches around the theme of "efficient processing." “efficient processing "is the eternal theme in the field of mechanical manufacturing, and advanced manufacturing technology can empower efficient processing. Advanced materials, technology and equipment are adopted; Using advanced digital, network and intelligent methods can improve the processing efficiency.

Mr. Zhang Chunyu, general S&P sales manager of United Grinding Group, participated in the summit. On our booth, the product brochures of eight brands of United Grinding Group are neatly stacked, which fully demonstrates the brand strength of UGG. During the tea break, there were lots of customers coming to the booth for consultation. Mr. Zhang Chunyu explained the UGG products in detail to the customers, and introduced the efficient processing performance of the products, which complemented the theme "efficient processing" of this summit.

In the afternoon, Professor Zhang Weimin, director of Institute of modern manufacturing technology of Tongji University, presented trophies to representatives of metal cutting machine tool enterprises. MÄGERLE MFP30, a brand of United Grinding Group, stands out among 83 technologies and products. United grinding Group has won this award many times. MÄGERLE's compact MFP30 5 axis grinding center is ideal for grinding complex geometric shapes, especially blades or heat shields used in aviation turbines. The work piece to be processed is directly loaded into the processing area from the front in an ergonomic way. A crane can be used to load heavy work pieces with clamps from the top. Compact structure, space saving, can make full use of the available production area, to achieve efficient production process. As Mr. Zhang Chunyu said in his acceptance speech, "MFP30 is the smallest machine in the current MÄGERLE’s products. The grinding center integrates the design advantages of automatic wheel changing system, which makes the enterprise obtain the maximum production efficiency."

Although the Ringier innovation award is over, the road of product innovation and optimization of United Grinding Group will never stop!


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